Thanks to the Surrey Advertiser for this great double page spread on the recent (before the lockdown) Scouts Mechanics badge run by the Army @ArmyKartingTeam @armyengagement @surreyscouts @BentleyCopse @surreylive @SurreyAd

Over the weekend of March 14 and 15, members of @surreyscouts attended Bentley Copse Activity Centre to earn their mechanics badge.

Read more about it in tomorrow's @SurreyAd (April 3).


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Recent post from Graeme Hamilton

Week 3. How are you all doing? I feel I now have a fairly steady routine. Work, scouting, some down time, although in the garden today I did wonder about being up a ladder with loupers pruning a couple of trees and what would happen if I fell. Perhaps more so today than that normal risk assessment we all do. I also wondered whether to post before or after the Queen's address to the nation tonight but I think the press have anticipated much of what she will say... And so much of that resonates with us in scouting.

I am drawn tonight to our promise and law. From the beaver scouts who promise to be "kind and helpful" ; to Cubs who abide by the law to "think of others before themselves" ; and leaders who promise their duty to the Queen (or the country in which they are now living). Making a promise and living by it has set us apart in society for over 113 years.

Tonight of all nights they are all truly relevant. As our head of state addresses us all at the start of what is likely to be a critical week for those succumbing to the virus, for a huge leap in deaths and a further week of staying at home, there surely is no more important time for scouts to do our duty, to be kind and helpful and to think of others before ourselves than to stay indoors at home and help reduce the pressure on our NHS services.

As an active volunteer that also jars with my desire to get the sleeves rolled up, put my scout necker on and get out and do my bit in the community. I believe that that time is still to come though. As we do our bit now to slow the spread of the virus, we buy time. As the weather warms up and we can stretch the impact of the virus on our communities, as the scientists work fast to find the vaccine, we will soon be able to do more as scouts. Meantime we can look after our elderly and vulnerable neighbours, raise spirits of friends, family and, where we feel able, our scout sections.

Scout colleagues are working with some partner organisations to prepare for that time when we safely can be active in our communities. Watch out this week too for some exciting news from our Community Impact Group about actions our young people can take.

For many colleagues this will be a challenging week. We hear of more and more staff in many businesses being furloughed ( a word most of us probably never even knew just a couple of weeks ago). I treasure the knowledge and skills of many of the scouting staff colleagues and indeed I now count many of them as friends. As we live by our promise and law, let us this week be ever mindful of our values too- integrity, care , respect, belief and co-operation. I no doubt will talk of these words in the coming weeks but let's BE PREPARED for the challenges this week brings, turn them in to opportunities and by co-operating together get through this whilst respecting and caring for all our colleagues.

Whatever we feel and are going through, remember someone else will need our care and trust even more.

The planned picture this week was of a painting that hangs in the White House at Gilwell park, called "time for thought". Take that moment to think of others this week, to build your own resilience, oh, and stay at home and stay safe.

That picture didn't work ( I will post it in a future week) so here's an image of the display drones from the world scout jamboree opening ceremony last year instead to help you focus that thought.

Till next week


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