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Runnymede District Scouts

70 years ago Today, on the 18th April 1949, the first 'Bob-a-Job week' began when 440,000 British Scouts started a campaign across England and the rest of the UK, to raise the £22,000 needed to cover the deficits of the Scout movement.

In the first year £60,000 was raised. The variety of jobs undertaken included a 13 year old who spent four hours cleaning the silver at 10 Downing Street, London, England.

"Bob-a-job" was first introduced as a good turn day in 1914 by scout movement founder Lord Baden-Powell.

The week - Officially known as Scout Job Week, it was started during Easter week 1949 and became an annual fixture.

The scheme got its nickname from shilling, colloquially 'bob', that the youngsters were paid for completing their good turn - which would now be worth 5p.

For generations of Scouts, it was a time for raising money by performing good deeds – until health and safety fears and the rise of compensation culture saw it scrapped in 1992.

20 years later in 2012, Bob-a-Job week was revived by the Scout Association, as leaders attempted to rebuild the movement's traditional commitment to helping others.

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