Adult training

Listed below are the training dates for locally provided courses for the coming year and information on how to register for Sectional specific courses as part of your Wood Badge training or for special interest courses.

Local Training Courses

Course title: Getting Started

Getting started courses covering modules 1,3 and 5 must be completed within 5 months of receiving a provisional warrant. Dates of courses will be advertised to coincide with Appointments subcommittee meetings.

Dates                Modules covered   Times               Venue

TBC                   1,3,5                         19:30-21:30      TBC

Please remember that as part of your Getting Started Training, it is recommended that you also complete the online safeguarding awareness and safety training. These can be found by following the links:; Once completed please send a screenshot or copy of the certificate to so that your training record can be updated.

It is also now a requirement that all new leaders complete the online GDPR training as part of their getting started training. This is only available as e-learning via this link Once completed please send a screenshot or copy of the certificate to so that your training record can be updated.

Course title: First Response and Extended First Response – Module 10

Dates                    Times                   Venue

03.03.2018           09:45-16:30          1st/4th Addlestone Scout Group HQ

12.05.2017           09:45-16:30          1st/4th Addlestone Scout Group HQ

20.10.2018            09:45-16:30          1st/4th Addlestone Scout Group HQ

Please note that if you have first aid at work or any other first aid qualification, it can be recognised as prior learning for this module ONLY IF the course covers includes CPR for children and meningitis. Surrey County also requires that the course covers the use of epi-pens. There is now an additional short online questionnaire available to cover elements of pediatric first aid. Please contact Penny to discuss this option.

If you are interested in any of the local courses, please contact Penny Lympany (07818466430) or email Once you have registered, you will receive full joining instructions etc.

Section Specific or special interest courses.

There are Section specific integrated courses for new Leaders run by the Surrey Training Team, specific modules, special interest courses including bush craft, pioneering, archery etc.

These can be found by following the link:

If you are interested in any of these, please follow the application instructions below each course. If you do attend any other external courses outside of Surrey, please let Penny Lympany know so that your training records can be kept up to date.

Adult Training

Please note that for the majority of roles in Scouting, there will be some training required to enable you to get the most of out of your role. Follow the link below for a description of the scheme and for a quick view of the requirements for each role

For the full description of each training scheme and each module’s aims and objectives please refer to the links

Ongoing learning

It is a requirement that during the period of appointment, all adults must complete an average of five hours of ongoing learning each year.  Examples of what this might include can be found following this link –

Please remember that at the time of warrant review (every five years), all leaders must have a current first response qualification, have completed either a face to face safeguarding workshop or the online safeguarding module and also have completed a refresher in safety training. The links to the online courses are as follows –

All of the above courses also count towards your ongoing learning.

As always, if you have any questions about the courses please either ask the course co-ordinator, Penny Lympany or Andy Sainsbury-Brown (DC). If you have any questions about training in general please contact Penny, Andy or your Group Scout Leader or ADC. Remember, these courses are enjoyable, informative and give you a chance to meet other leaders and swap ideas and experience and they also get booked up very quickly – so act now.

If you have any other general queries about training, activity authorisation etc, please also refer to the latest version of Policy Organisation and Rules which can be found on the Scouts Web Pages:

For specific queries you can also contact the information centre: or 0845 300 1818.